Manage Your Ethereum Accounts with MyCrypto

Panvala Observer Weekly Newsletter

This week we spoke with Jordan Spence of MyCrypto, an open-source tool that allows you to unify all your Ethereum accounts without giving up your privacy or security.

What is MyCrypto?

“At our core, we are a gateway to the Ethereum blockchain,” said Jordan Spence.  Jordan is the Chief Marketing Officer at MyCrypto, a project that Taylor Monahan founded in 2018.  MyCrypto offers a variety of tools that allow individuals to connect to the Ethereum blockchain, including practical functions like accessing your various wallets in one place to more complicated functions like contract interactions on the MyCrypto interface.  “We prioritize security, try to follow proper best practices, and are very much privacy minded—we don’t track any user identifiable information like IP address, 0x addresses, or transaction hashes,” Jordan told us.  “Basically, we are aligned with the core ideals of blockchain, decentralization, and getting people away from centralized services.” 

Supporting the User & the Space

MyCrypto launched in February of 2018 and has a plethora of advanced users (developers, individuals familiar with blockchain technology, etc.) as well as users completely new to the space.  MyCrypto attempts to make a product that works for everyone and spends a significant amount of time educating users about the Ethereum ecosystem.  “There is a joke that MyCrypto is support for the Ethereum blockchain and that often feels accurate,” Jordan laughed.  “We get support tickets about our products, but we also get a lot that aren’t specific to MyCrypto.  Historically we have no issues answering these questions because we are all in this to learn more.”  MyCrypto’s CEO, Taylor, set this tone having spent considerable time answering questions about Ethereum on Reddit over the years.  “When people think of MyCrypto they think of education and community—I think this speaks to the help we’ve given over the last several years,” Jordan said.

As for Jordan, he got his start in the space back in 2017, having never intended to get into crypto.  Like many, he “sort of fell into it.” Jordan explained honestly that his initial motivation was to make a couple bucks, and that without the funds to buy more ETH he started to look for ways to earn crypto using his marketing skills.  By a stroke of fate, he reached out to Taylor on Twitter and she responded to his message.  He was brought on part time before getting hired as the project’s third full time employee.  When asked about the ease of this process, he shared, “The industry is still in its infancy.  You won’t find resumes with multiple years of experience.  The best thing that people can do for themselves is to be inquisitive and to reach out and ask for opportunities.”

Learn More!

You can learn more about MyCrypto by heading to their Website and creating an account, or checking them out on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.  MyCrypto accepts donations and/or you can buy a membership that both supports the project and offers a range of benefits for users (you also get stickers and swag).  “It’s a way to support us and our growth,” Jordan commented about becoming a member.  Finally, MyCrypto launched a project called CryptoScamDB that acts as an open-source database for all of the known scams in the industry, with over 8,000 on the list.  Wallets like Metamask borrow from this list and will issue a warning on your browser when you attempt to enter a dangerous site.  Panvala matches donations for this project as well, and you can support it by donating during the next Gitcoin grants round!

Many thanks to Jordan and the MyCrypto team for your work in this space and involvement with Panvala!