DAOhaus: Empowering Human-Centric DAOs

Panvala Observer Weekly Newsletter

This week we spoke with Spencer Graham of DAOhaus, a platform that allows internet communities to unlock the power of human-centric coordination through the summoning of DAOs. 

For the Love of DAOs

“DAOhaus is a DAO platform,” explained Spencer Graham, who has been working with the DAOhaus community for the past couple of years.  “We focus on Moloch DAOs—relatively small, human centric DAOs.”  Founded at a hackathon in 2019, DAOhaus aims to empower communities, teams, and groups to deploy or summon their own DAOs, as well as existing DAOs with various tools and interfaces to help them evolve in the way they want to.  “Ultimately we want to make an open marketplace for DAO operations—like an app store for DAO tooling.”

Creating your own DAO on the DAOhaus platform is remarkably easy—just head to their website, fill out a few fields and parameters, click “summon” and you’ve got yourself a DAO—all for free!  “The hard part is actually facilitating the people who are part of it,” Spencer chuckled, “that part is an ongoing industry wide research experiment.”  Of course, DAOhaus itself is a DAO and is dogfooding their own products (or “DAOfooding” as Spencer cleverly modified).  “We are living our values as much as we can.  A lot of our new ideas come from things that we recognize we need alongside the DAOs that use our platform.” 

Shifting the Narrative on DAOs

Spencer’s background is in product management; however, he has been a part of DAOhaus’ various subgroups including their alchemist circle (tokenomics and incentives), magesmiths circle (product development), and more recently their ranger circle, helping build community and marketing in a spokesperson type of role.  Part of the purpose of this role is to share the values of DAOhaus across different communities.  “One of the things we’ve been recognizing lately is the higher-level narrative of what a DAO is has really moved towards (in our view) a pretty unfortunate direction that does not include more community / human centric DAOs,” he shared.  “We’ve made it our mission to recapture some of that.  We believe strongly in what communities can achieve when they are centered around what humans can do with them rather than the protocol that they are serving or the value of the token they are serving.”

Ways DAOhaus Can Support Your Community

  •  If your community is currently structured as a DAO and either not satisfied by how it is going or open to other ways of organizing – DAOhaus can help!  DAOhaus not only has their applications to offer but loads of expertise within their DAO community. 

  • If your team / project / company wants assistance summoning a DAO, DAOhaus has a service called the DAOstillery that helps communities convert to DAOs!

  • For communities who are already using Moloch DAOs on DAOhaus—that’s awesome!  DAOhaus would love to hear about your experience with the DAO, where it would like to go, what its barriers are, and how DAOhaus can help.

  • If your project has a protocol or tool that other DAOs might be able to use and you would like to make it easier for DAOs to access your products, DAOhaus would love to work with your team on this!  “The more we can offer for our DAOs, the better our platform will be—and ideally better for the tools that are getting offered / the teams that are offering them!”

To engage with any of these options, head to the DAOhaus Discord or ping Spencer directly @spengrah on Telegram or @spencer#3101 on Discord.  You can also head to the website for more information!